It was in realization of change in media landscape that ushered in the country through launching of 24/7 news and current affairs electronic TV channels, Information Department created the Directorate of Electronic Media in 2010; initially, the Directorate was confined to monitoring a few leading news channels but soon was up-graded into Rapid Response Center (R.R.C) in 2012-13.

2)    The basic objective of the R.R.C is to up-date and keeps the government functionaries abreast with flow of information aired by these news/current affairs channels in tickers, screenshot; beepers, talk shows and news bulletins which come with frequent deadlines.

3)      In addition to this, the RRC was also entrusted with the task to archives the relevant and pertinent records subject-wise i.e. water scarcity; flood situation; law and order; prices of essential commodities; issues in education and health sector to name a few. Data on the important subjects is retrieved and consumed for research purposes, thus transforming the center into a real think-tank.

4)        Currently, leading Urdu and Sindhi news/current affairs channels are monitored round-the-clock and actionable/noticeable information is transmitted instantly through What’s App and SMS to member of the Provincial Cabinet, high government functionaries and focal persons/PROs working with Line Departments, enabling them to response at once and online in the event of any information aired seems to be twisted, exaggerated or taken out of context. Besides, using the flow of information for remedial measures.

5)         The Directorate is also responsible to maintain and update Department’s e-portal.

6)        The Directorate is situated at the Archive Complex, 26/A, Block 5, Clifton Karachi; it is headed by Director, an officer of PS-19 who is assisted by Deputy Directors/Information and I.T related staff. It works round-the-clock even on Saturday, Sunday and other public holidays.