The Directorate of Press Information is the most important directorate of the Information Department, Government of Sindh. It has the responsibility of the projection and publicity of the day to day activities of the Provincial Government through print & electronic media with available resources. It is the eyes, ears, and pulse of the Sindh Government. It functions as a bridge between the government and the masses. It keeps aware the masses about the activities of all functionaries of the Sindh Government like Governor, Chief Minister, Members of cabinet and all the provincial departments including Provincial Ombudsman, Anti Corruption Establishment and Chief Secretary, Sindh. Its officers have to perform their duties sometimes in a very hard manner as the present age of modern information and technology, with latest and modern equipment’s, the Department even in hard areas and time  of disasters/emergencies etc. plays an important role in disseminating the information and first hand knowledge through the above mentioned media tools/methods. Its officials are technical and professionally sound with lack of their abnormal service structure and working badly but they are continuously tried hard for better results in available circumstances and unrest conditions.

The Directorate of Press Information is ear, eye, and pulse of the government as it plays an important role for the image building and positive impact on the society through highlighting the public welfare and people-oriented development schemes and projects for ameliorating their living standard in print and electronic media. Today is the modern media age and global village era that is why the Directorate having more importance to project and publicity of the nation-building departments through both electronic and print as well as social media and use modern methods to disseminate and propagate the Governmental developmental activities and initiatives in a broader level for the benefits of the common men to abreast them in a grass root level

The Directorate of Press Information maintains liaison with print and electronic media to ensure wide publicity to Government activities/policies by releasing handouts/clarifications/rebuttal wherever necessary. The Directorate also arranges Press briefings/Press conferences.

All the public Relations Officers are attached with Ministers/Advisers do work under this Directorate.