Regional Directorate of Information Southern Region Hyderabad was established on December 01, 1958 under the Directorate of Public Relations of SGA&CD Government of Sindh Karachi, and first Regional Director of Hyderabad was Mr. Ismail S Khawaja. At that time the post of Director was in BPS-18. Later on, this directorate was converted into the Divisional Directorate on July 09, 1970 and the first Divisional Director was Mr. Ishtiaque Hussain Azhar. Since the establishment of this directorate, the 44 directors had served to date. Presently the post of Director Information Hyderabad is in BPS-19. The directorate comprises on two Deputy Director Information (BPS-18), four Information Officers (BPS-17), two Office Superintendents (BPS-17) and total staff comes to 50 employees. At present this directorate is functioning in the premises provided by the divisional administration but now its own first ever ground plus 2-story building of the cost of around Rs. 30 million is in under construction in Shahbaz Building Hyderabad under the ADP Scheme No. 962 of 2017-18 and is expected to be completed by June 2020. The building would be provided all modern facilities required for the directorate including heavy duty stand-by-generator.

The prime duty of this Directorate and its district offices is to highlight and project Sindh Government activities particularly those pertaining to people welfare projects through prints and electronic media by issuing official version of handouts to the newspapers and electronic media in Urdu, Sindhi & English stationed at Hyderabad and also issues photographs/ footages through Email.  Around 390 local Urdu, Sindhi & English dailies, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, by annual and yearly magazines etc. are published from Hyderabad District.

In order to go with the pace of the modern era, this directorate fully equipped with modern and latest technology. The handout issued by this Directorate is the official version of Sindh Government from top to bottom level. This directorate functions in morning and evening shifts i.e. the morning shift is from 09 am to 05 pm while the 2nd shift is from 1 pm to 9 pm, even it also remains open on public holidays.  

Besides, the directorate keeps liaison with media persons and to facilitate them in the performance of their duties. This directorate initiates for providing medical assistance to ailing journalists by recommending their applications seeking medical aid to the headquarter for further process as per law. Since media is the fourth pillar of any state and agent of democracy, this directorate processes for a grant-in-aid to the press clubs and the residential colony of the division.  This directorate has issued 389 press accreditation cards to the bona fide journalists of the division during 2018 to date. According to details 258 accreditation cards have been issued to the journalists of Hyderabad District, 12 to Thatta, 25 to Dadu, 42 to Badin, 10 to Tando Allahyar, 13 to Tando Mohammad Khan, 20 to Jamshoro, 08 to Matiari and 01 to District Sujawal.    

Besides projecting government activities, this Directorate also sends press clippings of public grievances, complaints and social issues published in national and local dailies along with advice to the concerned quarter for early redress of the issues. This directorate also arranges press conferences/media talk, for government functionaries and provincial cabinet members to publicize government version about current public-related issues. In different circumstances, this Directorate also arranges press visits to make people aware through media like visits in polling stations during elections, visits of protected embankments of Indus River during floods etc. In order to sensitize the general public for any national cause like to participate in elections, to get their children vaccinated etc, the officers of this directorate write articles in national as well as local dailies.

The Hyderabad Division is the largest division not only in Sindh Province but in the country as it consists in 09 districts including District Hyderabad, Tando Mohammad Khan, Matiari, Tando Allahyar, Badin, Dadu, Jamshoro, Thatta and District Sujawal. In each district, the District Information Officer (Deputy Director Information/Information Officer) is the in-charge for the official coverages at provincial and district level. The district offices almost do the same job as this directorate does at the Divisional level.

District Information Offices in the jurisdiction of Divisional Information Office of Hyderabad:

The Divisional Directorate of information Government of Sindh Hyderabad.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Thatta.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Badin.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Dadu.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Jamshoro.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Tando Allayar.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Tando Muhammad Khan.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Shaheed Benazir Abad.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh Matiari.

The District information of Office Government of Sindh  Sujawal.



The directorate’s official email address is: sidhyd2010@gmail.com and phone numbers is 022-9200922.