The Regional Directorate of Information Mirpurkhas established on 1-1-1996. The first Director of Information, Govt: of Sindh, Mirpurkhas was Mr. Khalid Seetai, who was in BPS-18. Earlier, in 1968 the Mirpurkhas was the part of Tharparkar District and information office was established in the year 1968 at D.C office and Ist Information Officer was Mr. Imam Bux Niaz(Late), Since the creation of District  12 Information Officers and  (16)Directors/Deputy Director had served their duties



Mirpurkhas founded in 1806 by Mir Ali Talpur, Mirpurkhas means the land of most high Mirs. Status of the Mirpurkhas as political superintendent east Sindh Frontier from 1860 to 1881. In 1882 Mirpurkhas gained the status of headquarter of Tharparkar District. In 1990 District Tharparkar was bifurcated into two Districts, Mirpurkhas and Thar. In 1993 the Mirpurkhas District was further bifurcated into Mirpurkhas and Umerkot Districts.

Mirpurkhas District is famous for its mangoes, especially Sindhri Mangoes


The District Mirpurkhas exists without any mountain or hill. The headquarter of District Mirpurkhas town is situated at a distance of 220kilometers west of Karachi. It has Sanghar is North, Umerkot in the east, Tando Allahyar in west and Badin and Tharparkar District in the south. The climate of District is extreme. The month from April to October are hot. However, summer heat is considerably relieved by blowing of southwestern breeze from the season. The rainfall varies from year to year in the monsoon more between July and September; the average rainfall at Mirpurkhas is around 230 millimeters.


The name of the District is derived from its headquarter town Mirpurkhas, which was the part of the former Tharparkar District. The District lies between 24 to 56 to 25 to 47 north latitudes and 68 to 54 and to 70 to 30 east longitudes.


This Directorate always had/have functioning in rented Building since last 1968 At Present Directorate working in the Hostel Building of Govt: Boys High School Mirpurkhas provided by the Divisional Administration


The Sindh Govt: on the proposal of Information & Archives Department Karachi has approved a scheme for the construction of Regional Directorate of Information Mirpurkhas under ADP No.838 2016-17 and similarly the title of ADP has been changed in year 2017-18 as 963 with total cost of Rs.30.604 (M) The works & Services Department/Provincial Building Department Mirpurkhas started work with progress and expenditure of Rs. 1.250(M) up to June 2017-18.


The main function of this Directorate and its District i.e. Umerkot and Tharparkar at Mithi is to high light & project the social activities relating to welfare project of people, Development  project in Print & Electronic media by issuing photographs and handouts in Urdu Sindh and English stationed at Mirpurkhas , Hyderabad Karachi through email, WhatsApp and delivering of hard copies among local Journalists on email address informationoffice.mirpurkhas@gmail.com

Moreover, the Department has plays a vital role to build the images of govt: amongs people through high lighting the policies in media. The department also plays a role of spokesman including submitting the press clippings to the commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, on regular basis.


  1. Mirpurkhas Press Club Mirpurkhas
  2. National Press Club Mirpurkhas.
  3. Awan-e-Sahafat , Mirpurkhas
  4. Mirpurkhas City Press Club Mirpurkhas.
  5. Pakistan Media Council, Mirpurkhas.
  6. Jouranlists Forum Mirpurkhas.

Total No. of Accreditation card holder Journalists of Mirpurkhas Division (107)

Mirpurkhas (60) Umerkot (43) Tharparkar (4)

The Directorate is functioning in two shifts in odd hours also during holidays.

Besides other, this directorate keeps a close liaison with media men and to facilitate them in performance of their professional duties as well as Divisional / District Administration and head office On the request of media men for grant of financial aid to poor Journalists and the press  club / other media institutions , this directorate has always recommended their cases on poverty cum merit.